Bad people tried to suffocate me

But putting hell fire my way only made them get hell fire and embarrassment their way. As usual they where wrong and I am right. I am legal. I am a perfect person. I am politically correct, but yes, I am different. I am loud. I am straight. I am thorough. With that said, others are not and therefore they stand there naked and embarrassed because they are just overall stupid. The hellfire just goes back to where it came from, since they are wrong and I am perfect with all my flauss. Imagine that. I knew this, but they put muri’s on my road, I had to bring in the artillery to bring them down. I had to give ’em from what its worth and that is saying it straight. Just as it is. With no cotton on the words. With no fiction. With the terrible world’s experiences the enemy was brought down. I then conquered and now they are embarrassed and their future will no longer be bright. Sorry for them. They shouldn’t make an enemy of me, which they did. Bad for their community. I am a person you should keep friends with. Or frienemies with. Don’t ever make me your enemy. You will only lose that fight forever and eternally. You cannot fight some powers in this world. Just telling you as it is. Surrender. That is what you can do. That saves you the embarrassment and all the bad. You, of course, stand for your choices. But this is the advice I give for free. Don’t ever fight me. You cannot win. Nobody can suffocate me, they might believe they can, but they will always fail.

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