Surrender darkness in your soul

Sometimes life is to hard. Sometimes we want to surrender. Sometimes just hide. Sometimes just have it easier. But sometimes that is not what we get. We get bad, bad, bad. I don’t want to get the bad, it’s been given to me since birth. The bad. All days and nights seem to end bad. No happy endings for the dandelion children in this world. Never was, never will. So why do we exist? Just to die. Survive and then die. So pain through living here. All the time. No happiness. Not now, not then, not ever. Perhaps this is how life is meant to be. Pain. No more than pain. Soul pain. Body pain. Every day. All year. All through life. Never happiness. Never any goodness. Just bad, bad, bad. All the time. The sun is clouded by the bad. It doesn’t matter the sun shines. The world is fucked up and there is no goodness. Nobody ever cared. I am not worth anything. I never was. I never will be. I am worthless in the eyes of the world. I always was. I will never be worth anything. I would be better off dead. No humans ever cared about me. Nobody. Only animals cared, but not the human kind. No good for anything human. No meaning for any human.

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