Chapter five – God’s lottery

Fiction written by Living Forum.

God gave her the control, that day.

God was tired that day, had enough, just wanted to be regular, so in a random Godly lottery God choose from those God really cared about in a different way than God cared about the rest. So the lottery ticket fell on her, giving her God’s will on Earth, she fought it, really didn’t want it. The more she ignored it, the more troublesome it got. She really didn’t want God’s will, she never asked for it, she never wanted it, but it was there, she could see the will manifest and mutate, as if the will turned into its own entity, as if she was really creating the world. Maybe that was how God thought it out, always leading the world, but still not the events that followed, they where mathematically programmed in the divinity.

That day, a decade ago, God gave her the power of God. But the gift was more a curse and God was really happy about the choice… finally free from control. God was tired of being a ruler, God simply wanted to forget being God. The ignore button for God had been on for a long time. God made the system automated. That day, when God gave her God’s will God made itself to flesh that day, handing over everything to her. But she was no ruler, she never was, she never wanted to be. But the Godly will manifested itself. Suddenly one day she started to the see the pattern. She tried to ignore the pattern that everything she said, wrote or thought manifested itself out in the world, even mutated and took on odd changes. She could see the patterns, but she couldn’t interpret them. She couldn’t prevent the things from happening, she could manipulate them, but she couldn’t control the outcome. She could however design her actions and then see the changes of her actions. She just needed to get better, so the worse mutations would wear off.

One day her own life was affected by her words, by random events following her written words. But now she knew how to get rid of them, when they affected her life. She simply wrote: they are wrong and they will admit it. There is nothing to it and they will submission for her will. They will lay down their arms and not do anything more. They will realise they are wrong and she is honest and real. She is the truth and all others are wrong. They will submission to her will. She is right, they are faulty and they will submission to her.

They submission, just like she wanted them too. She knew God’s will is a great responsibility and therefore she only uses it just in case her life needs it. Now it needed her powers, so now she set them in motion. Her thoughs manifested to her will, to her benefit. The world was in the end, on her side. She was after all God’s will manifested, once she set her heart into it. This time her heart was set. Nothing could turn out differently than in her favour.

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