Maybe I’ll have two homes soon enough. When I’m home in Stockholm, my pet is all plastered in my arms, wants to be with me as much as possible. It cannot get enough of me. I love my pet. It shows it loves me and it misses me. When I have my own apartment I can bring one of them along sometimes. One of the pets favours me… and when I come home for the weekends it shows its love and affection to me. It’s very lovely. My sibling also has pets, but they are not as huggylicous to me. Well. I didn’t have a good work week this week. I wasn’t the best teacher, that I can be. Well. I introduced computers and the app generation are not that IT-skilled it seems. So I have to teach ’em everything. But the school has failed in giving me access to all systems. I have already worked over a month and still I have IT-issues. This makes me unprepared and a bad teacher, it affects my behavior.

I have done action research on myself. I have evaluated the blackboard, whiteboard and smart board. The later one gets failed and I really don’t enjoy using it. But watching film and so on is okay. Well. Whiteboard is good when used in real time, not preprepard. The blackboard is good either way, it has the most pondus. Imagine that.

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