On the way home from work, there was a man in his 50’s with a backpack. He had a sign in his hand, it said “Stockholm”. I was going to Stockholm, but saw him a bit to late. I still drove to the side of the road. I honked the horn, but he didn’t hear or see. I then did a loop and went back to the roundabout and stopped my car by his side. I told it him that today is a good day to be nice to someone.

I gave a 50-year old man Thomas a ride to Stockholm. He had been a illegal paper less immigrant in the US for 8 years. He had travelled across the US and done odd-jobs to support himself on his way. He never needed any papers. But now they are making more controls on the work places and he got deported to Denmark, by the US authorities.

He had been travelling since his 20’s, but the first time was when he was 16. He ran away from home and travelled all summer. He had travelled around the whole world. He didn’t need any money. He had all he needed in his backpack. He had red hair. He had gotten to Denmark the 5th of October 2017. He had no valid passport, it was outdated. He had no money in his pockets. He was going to his cousin in Uppsala. He needed ride to Stockholm. From there he would travel to Uppsala. His cousin is not at home, but he has a place where to get the key. His plan was to go to the social welfare office in Uppsala to get money for food. He had tried it in my hometown, but they said he needed to go to Uppsala, where he was on the books. He had no identity cards. He was a paper less Swede.

He originated from Kalix, way up north. He was a mix of Swede and same. During the summers he lived a real same-life with reindeer and so on. Maybe it was the nomadic blood in him that wanted to travel the world. He had been travelling and going around the globe for 30 years. He had been in a lot of places. His education was “hovslagare”, someone that changes the footwear for horses. He wanted to go to Australia next and he said that this time he would probably stay there. He has been there before and he likes Australia.

I asked him if he documents his trips. He has taken a lot of pictures. I asked him why he doesn’t blog or write a book. He said kids of today don’t read. I wasn’t the first to ask him this either. But I said that the kids would watch the film, made from the book. He then said he never thought about it that way. I also told him, money in his pocket would make him able to travel without having to work. He was a real vagabond. Imagine that. Meeting new people, getting told these amazing stories. In just 1,5hours he enriched my life. I told him he made my trip home more fun and enriched and I wished him the best of luck on the way on his journey.

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