School violence

I read in the newspaper Expressen and DN that the violence between youth in Swedish schools in increasing. This worries me. I asked a colleague what it thinks. It knew of violence in schools. This worries me. People I know have gotten hit at work. I hope I never have to experience that. Often staff get hit when they interfere between two already fighting. Since I have trained budo-sports for some years I know how to fight. I would be able to eliminate the opponent, but I won’t. I think I would just run away. Call for help. Wouldn’t interfere. With younger kids it is easier to get in between and protect the kids from each other, but when they are older… you might get hurt at work. Why does this even have to be in my mind? That they can be violent? I want to think of kids as kids, but today this got into my mind. I will just walk away or call for aid if the kids start fighting. I will ask them to stop, but I won’t go in between, unless the other one tries to kill the other kid. The kids do play fight and I tell ’em not to during class. I tell ’em accidents can happen and that no play fighting is allowed in class. God, why do I even have to think about this? I wish I knew what the state wants us to do. Run way? Go in between? The school is supposed to be a safe environment, but I wonder… if more kids turn into violence, as the media reports, is it just a question of time before we experience kids being violent?

I remember a boy in my class throwing a snow ball on me. I was not in any snowball war. I got totally furious and I beat him up. No one ever again threw a snowball on me in my school… wondering why? Haha. Sorry. One time affair and I showed them who was the boss. The teacher’s bullied me and my former stepfather abused me as well, but no kids could lay a finger on me. I guess that was my only defense. I cannot use this action method as an adult, but as you might understand i could defend myself. I have trained karate, self-defence and another budo-sport. My sibling has 1 kyu (one graduation away from black-belt). My siblings partner has 8 black belts. So, if I can defend myself? I guess I can. But I won’t use it at work. I rather use the run away and lock the door method.

I get a totally new array of questions the longer I am working. As a temp I just call for aid, never interfere. Just watch and call the staff. But now I am the staff… what are we supposed to do?


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