I made my move

I got to work. I saw the principal sitting in its office. I went there, asked the principal if it had time. I said what I felt and that I was at that point of quitting and giving up. I told my principal my experiences of this week and that it all started with the bad Google systems that I have to use…. and that I don’t have a student user account, so I get the same view as the students. I am really skilled, but I hate doing classes non prepared. I have tried to get a Chromebook and a student dummy, so I can prepare. Now I have to ask a student to give me their computer and then I have to solve it right there, right then. So my first class wasn’t prepared. The technology also went on strike in more ways than one. It all just turned shitty. Shitty day.

I felt like a shitty teacher and I had tried to get a Chromebook, but couldn’t get one. Well, for the second class I did better, then I had asked a student to arrive in advance, so I could set up the environment. Well. Anyway. It isn’t funny when I ain’t given the right options to rule my classes. I loose in teacher’s authority and my leadership is undermined. I still did the class, but I felt at times I just wanted to leave everything and say fuck this to it all. When I then the day after had the same classes I felt great, but then something else surprised me and all was even more shitty. I really didn’t enjoy this experience. It all started when I finally took on the smart board, that I have never used, never even gotten a education in. But since I am skilled, I solve it… but not in an instant.

I cannot say more than this, since I cannot talk about it more than on this level. But there is more, but those things I have to leave out from this article due to the rules as a teacher. Anyway I felt unhappy today and told my boss about it all. I have a understanding boss it seems. Today I had a good day. I try to continue building relationships. It’s not the easiest task at hand.

I have also learned that I got 12 000SEK to little salary last month, so that will come soon… great.

Google has poor usability. That is also something I learned. The application generation are not used to computers.

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