On my way I saw something strange. I understood something was wrong on the road a head. I slowed down. Put on my warning lights. A couple of hundred meters in front of me a car had crashed into the mid fence. It stood with two wheels on top. The person had gotten out of the car and was between the two lines with 110km/hour. I draw to the side. Warning lights on. Called 112. Told them what happened. They where going to send assistance. The person in the car was just fine. I told it to stay where it was and that it shouldn’t go out on the road, it might get killed if it did. It thanked me. I told it that 112 is coming. They are sending a stop car, I told it. It understood that I stood on the road side, so that others could see his crashed car better. If someone would hit it, people might get killed and injured. It was pitch dark outside. The stop car arrived with blue head lights. I drove away to my destination.

My life if full of these things… I guess I am a guardian angel right here on Earth, in the flesh. I always was. I always will be.

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