Why did an American choose to kill in Las Vegas?

Well. I cannot say it like that. I cannot read his mind. But I can tell you what the hotel he chose might mean, that hotel is named Mandalay and this name is from a city named the same. Georg Orwell was stationed at Mandalay, from which the hotel is named. He wrote the book 1984. It is about surveillance in a big brother state, the one that we now live in.

He killed 58 people. He injured 500. This hotel is 500km from the nearest bay. Isn’t it strange this is also the amount of people injured?

Las Vegas is the Western city that stands for gaming, wedding chapels, it is very artificial, since it is located in the desert, really not the right place to sustain life without modern technology. It uses a lot of electric power and consumes our Earth resources a lot. According to an article in NY Times there are 100 anonymous gambler meetings per week. Gambling can cause a lot of harm to families and individuals. Some cannot control the gambling and let it be a joy. Some take gambling to far and end up economically injured. Some are poor dreaming of the big win. Gambling does put a light on inequality of this world of ours.

So he chose Mandalay, a name connected to Georg Orwell who wrote 1984, a totalitarian state with no freedom, located 500 km from the nearest bay, in a hostile desert environment, build with modern technology, a high tech consuming artificial city, with high voltage energy consuming buildings. There is nothing real about Las Vegas. And the American police wonder why he chose that place? I think the place speaks for itself.

The hotel itself has the shape of a peace sign from above. It is located right next to a pyramid shaped building. Peace, pyramid…

Then there is Richard of Lionhearts hotel name right next to it, Excalibur, that was his sword. Richard was no better than Hitler in many ways. He hindered jews from taking office, being in the courts and such. He however ordered the population to leave them alone, but still they where subject to a massacre during his ruling. Ironically enough Richard was dependent on the jews to get free, when he was in imprisonment. Sets a light on the fact that you should never count out people, no matter belief system, they might be the ones you need in the end…

There is also a place named Orchid right next to it. The name comes originally from the word testicle. Men have testicles. It can grow on rocks and poor soil. They are beautiful and can be used as food. It can also be used as medicine. It is a national flower in both Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Belize and Singapore. All places have different meanings. Costa Rica exports a lot to the world, on the cost of health due to toxins spread in the environment, just so you rich people can have bananas, Colombia is more famous for drug exports than anything else. Panama canal is a canal from the east to west, that connects two oceans, makes maritime trade easier. The cost of the canal was a high mortality rate on the workers. Puts a light on what is happening in Japan today, people working til they die from exhaustion and also how we use slave workers that cannot survive on their own on their salaries. Just so you can have fancy clothes… Some countries are catholic and let women get raped and give birth to unplanned children, even though they are children themselves. Children used by men. Singapore is a overpopulated city of lights, just like Las Vegas, even though it is by the ocean. Some of the countries where subject to colonialism. That means the western society occupied them by colonialism, incorporated them into their common wealth. Many problems with today’s refugees are due to western colonialism. Western society is to blame. Greed is to blame. Boarders are to blame. Control is to blame. Politics are to blame. Inferiority is to blame.

There is the Lotus Room next to it. Lotus is a strong symbol in many religions. But it means rebirth. It is also in ancient mythologies and the Lotus tree makes you forget your friends. So have you forgotten who your real friends are? In old Egypt the white Lotus was important. It is called water Lily. It was the symbol of creation. In Greece it is a symbol of innocence and modesty.

It is also connected to Tropicana Ave and Paradiso. One of my names means paradise in Arabian. It is also next to South eastern and my home town is located in south-eastern Sweden. The location is also next to the air port, I live next to an airport… Tropicana, that feels in my heart, since that is the name of where the Tsunami stroke the worst, the hotel I stayed at prior to the tsunami.  Where I had my honeymoon… and this is also connected to the map… with the wedding chapel on the other side. The world is a weird place and we are all connected to each other… but some people cannot see it… many places are connecting back to me in names, locations. I have seen this for far to long and I don’t find it funny. I try to think it away. But when seeing a “bomb threat” and understanding even that map is connecting back to me… is so strange. My karma is out there in the world… lingering all around us… just like so many of yours…. I worked with 3G and then the software within mobile phones… that technology is in all the worlds phones today… so yes, our karma is everywhere… we all connect to each other… even Breivik… connects somehow…

So the place… is it significant? Yes. The pyramids… they are the background of the islamic culture. That is their inheritance from history. They knew mathematics, society structure, how to pay salary, how to build, how to use nature and how to make it grand. They knew routines. They had hierarchy. They even had homosexual pharaohs… and no-one was bothered about the fact that two men loved each other even in the grave… Maybe there is a lesson for all of today’s homo fobics in that?

The killers name… even that has meaning. In Sweden that name has namesday on my first partner’s birthday. The world is so wierd… Saint Stephan was the first mature stoned to death in Jerusalem. Stephan means crowned… very wierd. Swedish currency is a crown and we are a monarchy and the King/Queen is crowned. Jesus said: The one without sin may cast the first stone. That meant that Jesus was not without sin, since he didn’t cast the first stone, noone did. They where not without sin. Maybe many of us are not. But we all can do better.

I could continue… but I don’t have the energy to continue. So I now leave you with your questions to continue this investigation.