Twitter is fucked up

I saw Blackbear making an ad to his new Cybersex album. In his new music video he sings about Playboy shit and the girls are naked, most likely to naked for Youtube. He seems to coorporate with Pornhub, since the music video is placed there. No wrong with legal porn with willing participants. But a music video there? With penetration ads around it? Directly linked from Twitter? Of course I tweeted this to newspapers, RFSL and some presidents and political parties… and the police in Sweden… Now I cannot login to my Twitter account… amazing fucks. The text with my verification code never arrives. Of course this is a government hindering me. Who else? In the mobile network even. Who has that power? FRA, Säpo osv. Haha. Fy fan. This is Sweden, the world. Politics… Cyber warfare. Twitter themselves maybe “fake” sending the message with the code and then just don’t? Then they are idiots working there. Fuck you are stupid. I do politics and I will continue to do so. Of course. No matter what you all do to me you fucks.

So is it okay to subject young teens, maybe even kids to porn? Tell me. I wanna know.

Personally I am not against being nude, but showing penetration and sex and violence to kids… I am against.

Sources of links I talked about:

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