100% success rate for students?

In my kids school they have 100% success rate in all kids reaching E-grades minimum in all subjects. In Sweden this is a passing grade. In my school, where I work 93% of the kids reach this target goal. This is the difference between having privileged kids in a private school with good teachers and being in my old school, with different socio economic classes, privileged kids and poor kids. Some might have even been in Sweden just a year and then they are expected to graduate? The Swedish system wants them integrated directly now in the schools. Kids are offered a 10th year in my school, when needed. The kids are offered teacher’s in all subjects but SV/SVA in their native language. Those kids can get real grades in their subjects, but might fail SV/SVA (Swedish/Swedish as second language), then they cannot attend high school programs, if they do. The most important subject to pass is Swedish/Swedish as second language. So even if you get all other grades A and a F in Swedish/SVA then you cannot get access to the programs and have to go to another form of high school. However English you can get dispensation to not have passing grade in. That means that you can get access to high school, even if you did fail English. Well. So that recently did come to Sweden, should make sure they pass the Swedish classes, so they can access high school and can get an education without delay.

I have no idea how many of my kids are in 7% or which students are. But if they all follow my grade settings and do the tasks I have given them, they should get a passing grade. But if they fail to understand, do the tasks, well, then there is only F. I have already told the kids I have Monday and Friday mornings that I can give extra classes, they just need to tell me or send me a mail if they need it. In November I have permanent extra classes, the student doesn’t even have to tell me, just come. My classes are possible på pass, if you just ask for help and set your heart out to do the tasks seriously. It isn’t impossible even if you don’t have the skills. I haven’t set such grades that I evaluate skills, I evaluate ideas and reasoning, so even if you are not an artist you can still pass, or even have A, if your reasoning and your idea is strong enough and you have visualised the many ideas you have tried.

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