God damn

I got offered two apartments today. One regular studio apartment with a a kitchen, not to far away from neither my mum and stephfather, or my biological father, or friend.

Then I have been offered a student room in the center of town. Living close to nature? Or close to the train? Hmmm. Free parking, or letting the car be at work all day and night and walk home maybe 2,5 km? Hmm…. near the university… where I study… hmmm…. all these decisions. Only 600SEK difference. Once is a real apartment, but I loose all my time in the line… hmmm…. the student apartment… I don’t loose my time in line for regular apartments… hmmm… Real apartment, or student room? It has it’s own bathroom. Hmm. I will look at ’em both on Monday next week. I will call the people renting them right now during the weekend. Make an appointment. Hmm… a real apartment is always nicer… even if its outside town. Closer… to Stockholm… so… and my mum… hmmm…. Central or village? Hmmm…. 40Square meters or 16 (but we have additional space in the premises to this one, since it is a dorm space)… Hmm…. The dorm room is available 1 of december… and the apartment 1 of January. So I can live 6 months there… or 7 months in the other… hmmm…. what am I to do?

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