I have problems getting up from laying and sitting to standing. I don’t have enough power in my back to rise up soley, so I have to use my arms to stand up. Yesterday my back locked up. I couldn’t almost get my legs to follow me out from the car. I had to call my sibling to help me with the goods I had in the car. I am glad I don’t live alone. If I did I wouldn’t get any help. I would have to do it myself. That means I would had gone indoors, leaving the food in the car. I use my heater when I lay in bed. It makes my back warm and easier to move. Being outdoors isn’t good for me. I was PE teacher all Monday and my body isn’t made to be outdoors. I froze my hands and head, since I didn’t bring with me glovs and cap. I should have. It is much colder outdoors now. My body gets stiffer in the cold, Sweden isn’t the best country to be crippled up by cold… since we do have many cold days. I don’t know what is wrong with my back. It feels like I have a inflammation always going on in the spine in my lower back. Some days it locks it up. Especially when trying to get out from the car. I have problems turning around. Sometimes my legs don’t want to follow. They catch up with me if I stand still. At moments it feels like the spine is out of order. I have a S-curve on my back higher up, scolioses. I don’t think it’s that. I got this problem when my leg rotatated two years ago and then again last year. I have learned to live with that. A bad body. In bad condition. Not getting any better. I am glad I can still walk. I am still glad I don’t feel pain everywhere and that the pain isn’t intense.

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