What’s wrong with the world?

The world is surreal. I publish a post named “Jag saknar landet”. It means “I miss the country side.” Then I write “Musiklärare[..]” in the post before. That means music teacher. Then country music has a shooting by a suspected 64 year old.

What more is surreal about the news is that the place next doors is Tropicana Las Vegas and then a Wedding Chapel. I don’t think this is funny. My wedding trip went to Tropicana Beach resort. I find this extremely annoying and freaky. This has happened to me about a lot of bad things happening in the world. I think it is very freaky. What is the universe telling me? Why? I don’t understand. Also I had premonitions with the world Elle all week, but I couldn’t connect it to anything. Duke Ellington Way is close to the place of the shooting. Then a artist I read, Blackbear, writes about Bella, his ex recently on Twitter. There is a place like that right next to it, that contains “Bella”. On my Instagram I had posts about food… and right next to the place is a food court.

My logo right now is even more interesting. This thing happened right next to a pyramid. I have triangular shaped figurines, prism’s and music tones in my logo.

It would be interesting to see how these patterns work together… because I see them, but how can we predict from these patterns? How. I have no idea.

Aftonbladet… writes that Islamic state declared they are behind this attack.






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