One of my pets is extremely loving on the weekends, when I am not home during the weekdays. It wants to show me love a lot. It clearly misses me a lot. It is a loving pet. This pet surely misses me during the weeks. It shows me affection as much as it can during the weekend. It lays in my lap, when I write on the keyboard.

My kid was a asshole when I got it from school. It was in a debate from square one. It was grumpy all evening yesterday. It talks back all morning today. Yepp. It is that period, it is against me all the time. No matter what. If I say green, it says red, if I say red, it says green. It just wants to say the opposite. It doesn’t want to comply. It is very rebellious. Terrible kid, if you ask me.

Loving pets, terrible kid. Willing partner. Haha. The kid needs this period away from me, hopefully it appreciates me more. My partner surely does. It also seems to want my salary… both of ’em. Haha. I understand that 2 years of poverty isn’t that fun.

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