Money in the pocket

The places connected to Kassagirot only allow withdrawal of maximum 2000 SEK. That ment none could give me my salary, not even a transfer. They said that perhaps ICA bank could, or a bank. Then one clerk said Forex. Forex is a bank, its open every day. But the name Forex wasn’t connected to the service, but they are a real bank, open on Saturdays. So I went there. They have a fee of 50 SEK to withdraw money. I wasn’t that into having my salary all in cash. Since I had none of the banks connected to Forex there was yet another fee, 100SEK, to transfer the salary to my account. I simply said yes. I had to pay 150SEK to get my salary. Not fun. I worked one hour for free at work… Well. I have given my banking information. I’m guessing they withdraw to much taxes too. That I also must fix. My hometown has higher taxes than Stockholm. I pay Stockholm’s tax.

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