I worked in Italy. I asked our driver about the mafia. If it knows who the mafia is. It said, everybody is and isn’t the mafia. That means that you really don’t know who is and who is not. The one you don’t think is mafia can still be mafia. The one you think is mafia might not be. So anyone can be mafia. I had a friend, that used to be married to Serbian mafia. Any friend of his… is always a friend of the mafia 2? I guess I then have friends in the Serbian mafia… haha… Oh… no I don’t, because they are people 2 and not all mafia kill people either, even though many might. He didn’t kill anyone, but he handled so called black money and clubs where you could play about money. My friend fell in love with a man, that happend to be mafia. They are not together any more. This was a long time ago. I haven’t met this person in many years.

Another person I know is connected to Hells Angels. If I would have any problems… just saying. I would not use that option. I haven’t met this person in many years. But we are still friends. My friend is not a member, but it has friends that are.

Then I have other type of connections to, to higher management in banks, insurance companies. I have also worked with higher management in many companies. So I guess I have been a little bit everywhere. This is just a tease for you. My cousin has met Putin in person… well. I am just a human being, otherwise I am still a nobody… in the eyes of the world I guess? I don’t care what you are, just your actions. Anyone can change.

Someone said to my friend that the new partner comes from a mafia family in Syria. Then my friend asked the partner and the partner said they are not mafia… do you think they would tell you if they where? Rich as filth… but I am happy as long as my friend is happy and the partner is kind. So far so good. Perhaps the person saying those things was just jealous? Everybody and nobody is mafia, the Italian driver said… But we haven’t seen or heard anything strange at all…

Well, anyways, I could probably write a lot of things… true things… and write books just as the writer of Gomorra did. (SVD)


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