Once more the kid is invited to a birthday party. Having 28 class mates… if any of them choose to invite kids in the school, the policy is all are invited. Otherwise they have to do it outside school hours and premises. This means a lot of birthday invites. The kid is only going to 1/3 of the parties. It is too much otherwise.

Today two class mates have a birthday party, that means most likely many of the class mates come. Imagine 2 parents and 28 kids, that’s probably why some merge their parties and then there are four parents for 28 kids. Imagine 28 gifts. So 56 presents… fuck. That is a lot. I am glad only 11 kids where at our kids birthday party.

We don’t celebrate birthdays at home. We have access to a house that we partly own with the other houses that we can use. Both for overnight visitors and parties. Someone even does Zoomba in the premises on a regular basis. You don’t want 28 kids in your house… unless you have unbreakable premisis and a lot of space, which we don’t.

Well. So I have to wrap two birthday presents. I also had to purchase birthday presents for these two kids.

On top of this I need to withdraw my salary with the check I’ve got in the mail… snail mail. Well. I just hope someone can give this amount of money on a Saturday. I also have two additional errands today. Feels like a busy day. I feel less calm at home, than at my siblings… all the “must do’s”. Also everything is far away. I have to travel 10km in between all these places. In my hometown you don’t have to go to that many places to find all you need close by.

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