I might be nonfamous and non significant blogger. I don’t follow the rules and try to make my blog grow. I don’t want to. But on Twitter. Mama Mia. I think I have much viewers on my tweets there.

But the power doesn’t stay here. I live in reality. Online is just my diary. Well. Anyway. My students are sometimes social beings online. I know some of them have many hundreds of followers. Just saying. Little me has great impact. Lets fantasize that my students have 800 followers each. Since I am a teacher it means that I have the power to impact my students and it could very well create impact in their social media. 384 000 followers… on my students. Impressed? Everybody has enormous powers in this ocean of ours.

So, as a teacher I get new kids every year, a couple of hundred… teacher’s have enormous power. Therefor they “brain wash” us at the university… I do everything by the book. I have a strategy now, to make ’em more aware of the environment. Tested it on my students at the end of the week. It worked, they where more interested in taking care of stuff after that lecture. So, if that ripples out on their social media, I really don’t mind. Perhaps it even affects Donald Trump in the end? Who knows?

Teacher’s have enormous responsibilities to care for the future generations, so the world doesn’t get fucked up. I’m pretty sure some of my former school mates have their kids in my responsibility. Wondering what they are thinking… me being their teacher, if they ask their kids who their teacher’s are, that is?