I haven’t had access to my email even one day at work. It’s not optimal to send emails from my own account. I am right now. Annoying. But I called IT-support and asked what my password was. They told me that it should be the same as the computer login. I tried it today. Didn’t work. Called IT-support again and said it didn’t work. Then it said, test now. It had seen something in the system and changed it. I think I had the same mail address when I was a summer worker as social welfare assistant. I guess they have emptied it? It will be a surprise next week. To see if I finally have access and how many mails I actually have missed during my three weeks. Hehe. Well, I adapt. I don’t get annoyed by these things. Worked to many years in quality assurance… I’m thinking the city perhaps hasn’t really gotten the routines right… considering how I have had problems getting the IT-systems up and running. Even routines must be checked, otherwise they are just routines on paper. It has taken 3 weeks to have IT-systems fully, if I got access today that is. Let’s see next week.


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