I’m poor, my account is dry. I got money from my partner to pay all bills. I have no money left in my account. I didn’t think I’d get any salary this month. Obviously I did get salary. But it didn’t go to my account. I have a check in my mail at home… yeah. Problems. I cannot withdraw that amount from just anywhere. Then, why should I have money at home? Well. I have to get the money into my account. My bank doesn’t handle cash. I have to use a machine in the center of town to put the money into my old account in my old bank. Then I have to transfer the money to my account… I knew my salary would be trouble. Since I had not given any account. It is strange that the city doesn’t remember me. Didn’t they have computers when I worked in 2003? I guess not… Since they don’t seem to remember my account number. I don’t know what salary they paid. It is not half the salary, not two week, not one week either. I don’t know what strange amount they have paid. But I got salary, but I’m still broke. Haven’t seen the money in my hand or account yet… hmmmm…..

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