No art

I didn’t do any art today, my sibling was off mood… gaming. So it is still stuck there, as glue. It had been sick today… so the mood isn’t there. I wasn’t in the mood either. I finally went to my favorite store. Bought food for myself. Even a nice piece of clothes. Well. I didn’t get any salary, but my partner got two salaries. Thanks for that. I am shit poor this month. Next month 2 weeks salary. Yeah, better that none… well end of November one full salary. Waow. Can’t wait. Wonder when I get an apartment. Today the best apartment was on the landlords homepage. I applied. Hoping to get it… I have applied for at least ten apartments, but so far I haven’t been offered any of them. I want my own apartment. I am a lonely person. I like my own company. I’m glad my landlord is my sibling and its partner. My sibling is used to me… it is good when someone knows you. I am perhaps not the easiest person to live with. But I love my sibling, so perhaps that makes things easier… and I have lived with my sibling when it was a kid. Hehe. I have also travelled with my sibling.

Anyway. I am in bed, relaxing, my arms hurt because I am not used to write this way. I get arm pain from this position. I should sit in the couch in the room… hmmm…. when I get my apartment I will bring my favorite racing chair. Yepp. Can they not give me a nice studio apartment now? Cheap and with a good location?

Well. Tomorrow I have evening classes, Wednesday too. No classes on Thursday. On Friday I get the kid from school and relax with my family all weekend. Guessing it’s mostly me, the pets and the kid… my partner most likely is working.

Well. Wednesday is my madness day at work, classes all day, then my own course to attend after everything… I think I was supposed to read something til Wednesday, but I have no money to buy any books. Time to go to the library? Hmm… no not really… There is so much I need to do… and right now I just cannot. Give me some money. Easier to buy the books…

The world is so strange. Today I said “ordning och reda”, then after that, they said the same words on radio. Fuck that was strange…

Then my colleague has a phone that says: “living life in peace” and a peace sign with rainbow colors. It was situated on a book with X on it. Strange. I understand the message, but you perhaps don’t. But I connect it to my aliases online.

For being a art teacher… I did no art today, but my kids in school did…

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