First day of the week

I had a nice day. Only one class and two meetings to attend. I had administration and a walk-through of one part of the IT-system that I have to use for all my courses for my students. I have put up two of the years and their first three project parts. I haven’t put up the seniors yet. I will do that tomorrow. I really haven’t had time to it all today. I think I did good. I think I am managing it fine.

I had a meeting today with my work group. They are nice people. One asked me if I have worked in Södertälje. I said yes. But I don’t know where it thought it had seen me, I worked in IT there. Not in any schools. It didn’t know where it thought is saw me. Well. Anyway. I got some information, they educated us about some form of disabilities. It was very interesting and even though I have studied special pedagogy I had not really learned about that disability. It was interesting and I myself have many similarities to those kids, but still not the same, but I could checkmark some of their problems. Many with that disability don’t understand irony the facts stated, they also develop language late. I think it was this disability they thought I had when I was a kid, scaring my mum. But to improve for kids with that disability it is very important how the environment is, that parents read stories. My mum read a saga everyday to me. We had the books 365 days series. She read one saga per day. If I do have a sort of disability she did everything right. They also said the kids have a difficult time knowing when people have finished talking… oh… I do too. Many people get annoyed by that, but I really have a hard time when people pause and then continue talking… I always think they have talked enough. I cannot handle pauses. I sat there… and I was a little bit troubled over what they said. They also said they could have difficulties interacting with other kids… the kids have so many similarities to me… but I don’t have all the checkmarks. I didn’t lack words… I just couldn’t speak in one language, mixing two. I didn’t know which language was which… well anyway. I learned to talk, read and write. Even though I also had a difficulty understanding people who spoke other dialects… which those disabilities also can have… imagine me… sitting there. I thought to myself… I most likely have a disability. They also talked about their problems memorizing things…. fuck… even check on that one… but I’ve still managed through school. I remember things I set my heart to. I remember people talking. I hate reading. But since I don’t have dyslexia or such I am not allowed to borrow the sound books. It is sad that you always need the “right label” to get the things that help you through life easier. It’s Sweden in a nutshell. All these politics… Sweden labels and sorts, it’s insane how those that don’t fit the profile are handled. The system fails them.

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