Uppsala University is the worst place I’ve studied

I have studied at eight colleges and universities I think… and I have never had problems applying for exams and replacing classes. I have a difficult time passing class room exams, written exams on time in a class room. I get memory loss, enormous amounts of stress. I cannot study for class room exams. I have failed many class room exams over the years, even though doing some more than one time. I have gotten the classes replaced with other classes, so I have been able to graduate. But when I got to the program at Uppsala University, I don’t seem to be granted to replace the class room exam with home exam. I even have doctor’s recommendation, but it is not enough. “It’s not permanent” problem. So, it isn’t? I haven’t failed class room exams for 24 years? I think my student record speaks for itself. My childhood trauma speaks for itself. My bullying and abusing teacher’s speak for themself. My beating parent, hit we with a belt and with open hand, on my naked skin. I was not just violated with clothes on, I think pulling down the pants and beating is sexual abuse when you pass a certain age. I was abused five years of my childhood. None of this enough with Uppsala University to replace my class room exam with another examination form. Even though my abuse also is connected to tests. All summer I had to do written tests on time. I had to redo them until I did all the answers right within a time limit. Nobody cares. Nobody ever cares. They are not me. Nobody in Sweden ever has cared, really cared about me. The university has no sympathy, they just fight me even more. Don’t study there. They have no humanity in their administration.

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