Got Internet up and running in my siblings place. I had to reactivate everything I usually inactivate. I hate my computer, it doesn’t do all spaces. At home I have external keyboard. I hate it.

Today I had a great day. I have met a crew of very interesting people, from India, USA, Mexico, South Korea, Schwitzerland, Japan and Sweden. The world is interesting and they are a really diversified crew of students. We will meet around once a month during a year. We all do different projects and give each other hints and tips during this year. I have gotten some homework. But I need to download from the servers and my USB-sticks are too small. I need to buy bigger memories. I didn’t bring the bigger memory sticks with me. I have one in the phone, but the university doesn’t support smaller memory cards. I have to solve that during the week. I have some materials to review. It will take at least a day to do that. I also have to start my project, but that won’t happen this week. I need material to do the project.

Well. I haven’t looked at my schedule, but I think I have work five days and after work school activities twice this coming week. One is drama class, the other one is more theoretical. It will do. I will do it. I like my after work activities.

I wonder what my school kids have been up to during the week? I also wonder if the school has managed to get the systems to update with my name, which is a error that never happens, as the technician said. Fully automated system. Once the user is created all systems should be up and running after a few hours, mine wasn’t. Isn’t it strange? Computer systems seem to break down and become erratic when my name shows up…. I wonder why? The school uses Googles school systems… perhaps Google developers hate me so? Or perhaps NSA or some other cracker has cracked Google? Who the fuck knows? I don’t. It is Murphy again. Murphy does this to often, if you ask me.

I want access, so I can give the kids folders to work in. Now I had to make ’em all do their own, that they can move to the original once I get access. I think they should have done it by tomorrow. I hope they have. They have had 2 weeks to fix it. I am thinking it should be fixed. Surprise tomorrow. Fixed or not fixed, that is the question?

I didn’t go to the exhibition in my other previous hometown this afternoon, I went to my friend instead. I didn’t have energy to drive to the neighbouring town and walk. My leg has been fucked up all week. In pain. My knee doesn’t like sitting, standing or walking. I cannot really lay down at either work or school, can I? I had to use my knee support. Maybe I have to use it this week too. And maybe I need to take the elevator up to my class room? I’m thinking I should respect the pain. It’s telling me all the things I haven’t done. I need a doctor to make me have rehabilitation leave, that way I could go and train during working hours. I am not allowed to be outside the school during work hours. I can decide my work hours, but I need to report them in advance. But I need to be at work 35 hours per week. I don’t have classes all day. I have space, but I cannot just go and train. The other job was better in this department. Lesser students and more time to do whatever and choose work time. More freedom. Closer to home. Better hours. More salary per hour. Well… I know how this sounds. But it wasn’t in my hometown. It was in a town I really don’t enjoy being in. I calm down as soon as I enter my hometown. I stress up in Stockholm.

I wish my partner felt the same. But if I choose to live here, I think it will come here too. But we have one year to figure it out. Who knows? I might even be something else after I complete this year? My classes are interesting and who knows what kind of inspiration this give me? You never know. I still have one more year to study.

So will I do 150% studies and 100% work? Hehe. It is less than working at practise period and doing 225% studies… way much easier classes. Except 2 of the classes. But the other two are easy and perhaps we could even call ’em fun classes.

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