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My school kids will do crayons this week, at least the juniors will. They will have to mimic a real artist picture and do it in crayons. This is what I had to do at the college I go to. Well, they need to learn many materials. This coming week it’s crayons.

My sibling and I will do art in the evening, after work. My sibling is all in. I asked it to it today, but it said it wanted to do it tomorrow. I like doing challanges. We will do it with special wax crayons that I have bought. They are expensive. I have tried them out in school. It’s difficult to make it “good”, the material has it’s own will and you as an artist have to surrender to the materials. I need to practise what I teach. I also need to learn and get better. Our lecturer said it is good if we too do the art work with the kids, especially when they don’t need that much tutoring. There is a pedagogic and psycological factor when we also do something with the kids. Sometimes however it’s better that we do another motif, so the kids don’t feel competition. I have been doing that for some years, paitinted and drawn with the kids in school. But now even the teacher in the college asks us too. The fun thing is that I have gone to school with our teacher… I attended some evening classes with her. She was also a student back then. But she has a artistic background, which I don’t.

Practise is necessary in art. Some have the talent and do it perfect from the beginning, other’s need practise. Practise improves everybody. Don’t give up just because you are crappy. We are all beginners sometimes. Some need to practise a lot, but with will power and practise you can make progress.

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