I brooke my tooth some during the summer. It broke too much to just fix. I had to put in a crown. A rather long process, since my dentist had a vacation in the midst of it. But finally my tooth is fixed in total. I now have a luxury tooth, porcelain phasads, as the rich people have. Well, I had no choice, the crown had collapsed on one side, so I put in a new one. It looks like a real tooth and not that artificial as my partners. I still miss one tooth in my smile though. Perhaps I can fix that one next year. It is really cheap to fix it now, but I don’t have any money. I have so called “tandvårdsrabatt” right now. I will go to the dental hygenist. I have no money to put in a artificial tooth in the smile gap. I have to have 25 000 SEK to do that. But right now it would cost half of it. I don’t have that. I have been a student with very little money for a couple of years. I have only worked one week. I won’t get salary in a long while. I will work a full month in october. I don’t know when I get that first salary. I’m so used to having very little money. I just don’t consume. That’s all. I am not alone to live in poverty, so does some of my class mates. Many of them are poor and they have invested their time in studying. One had gotten a two year long scholarship and was really happy about that, since they now will be less poor for two years. It improved their economy. Good for them. I didn’t get any to study to become a teacher.

I got an answer from the university that it was a class room exam, but today I got another answer that it was home exam. I got confused. So I sent another mail asking what it really was. I am pretty sure it is a home exam now, it says so in the schedule I got. The administrator says it is a home exam, but the course responsible said it was class room exam. The administrator says the course responsible confuses it with another class. That means I will graduate. This year. But I will get the result next year. So I cannot grade my students, I need another teacher to approve the grades. I will be able to apply for exams 2018. I am thinking I will go to the graduation cermony next year when I graduate. That is the plan. So the exams are this year, but the 3 weeks to grade the papers and the christmas holidays makes the grades come in to late for exams this year.

So I now study my program and the home exam class. I also study three part-time classes at my old university, in my hometown(s). I got everything I set out to do. Just missing the apartment. I now have access to student apartments. I have put in a interest in a apartment in my old apartment building(regular apartment, not student), where I lived when I moved to Stockholm. Rather funny. It is in that house, just a smaller apartment. They actually did break my car there, hope people are better now, then then. I didn’t have the current car. I had a rented car space and there the car wasn’t left alone. But if I leave it elsewhere it will be. Very strange that people cannot walk there without doing stuff to other’s cars. It is otherwise a good area. It is very close to the city and to a nice park. I can bike to work, even walk. It is a perfect location really. My partner’s two siblings live there. My friends wouldn’t live to far away either, a couple of minutes walking distance.

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