Inhumane Sweden

All I wanted to do was to complete my education. One more exam. Event though I left my self out in the open for the doctor and got a certificate the university didn’t give me a home exam. I applied for the distance course and I’ve tried to get information if they have home exam or class room exam and they refuse to answer my questions. Something is wrong in the heads of the people at the university if they cannot answer a simple question. Something is wrong. Sweden doesn’t want me to graduate. People in power are working against me. They didn’t accept any of my other 5 courses that I suggested instead. I never had these problems at my other universities. Usually it is not a problem to replace a course to another if its the same major, which it is. I think power factors are doing this to me on purpose. They make my life difficult. They’ve been doing it for so long… you get used to adminstration. Sweden in a nutshell. No place for humanitarian decisions. They are simply assholes at the university.

Do you know why they said no to me doing a homeexam instead? My suffering of class rooms exams is not permanent. Shit no. I suffered all these years at the university. Many of my failed exams, yet not done, are class room exams. They think I will forget my PTS. Interesting. I never had a childhood. In fact I didn’t, but that is another way of saying. I had a childhood, just not a good one.


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