If people only knew…

I study drama classes at the university. And the things we do… are hilarious. Imagine adults crawling on the floor, role playing animals… Oh God, that sounds like a sex act for those that like dressing up as animals… Well, anyway, our lecturer talked about when it went to Moscow… haha. It did the same type of acting there as here, it talked Swedish and had an interpreter. The Russians students laughed, because they have never seen a lecturer stand in front of them mimicking games for kids. Haha. Here in Sweden, we students play it out. Just saying. We dare more. Just saying. No big fuss. Imagine my students when I act out music… haha. I actually did that last week. God I hope no-one ever gets my lessons on film… haha. I like visualising stuff. I like making stories stronger. I don’t care if kids are surprised. They have more fun in school and it’s much more fun to learn. Well, taking drama classes does help to improve me as a teacher. Yes, we roll play, we do funny stuff. Yes, some are teachers, others work as engineers, some are med students and so on. Who cares? We all have great fun, we meet new people. Be a little bit more childish. You may even get happier.

Finally I’ve got into all the classes I wanted. Had to unregister from one very fun class, it collides with my work.

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