Easier to get an apartment in Stockholm


I have no problems getting an apartment in Stockholm. I can get a lot of one room and kitchen on Södermalm. I am like number 3 in line if I wanna try… much better than in my hometown. I didn’t update my queue over the years and lost my years in line because of it in my hometown. So I only have five years in line. In Stockholm I believe I have around 15 years in-line… haha. It’s easier to get a overnight apartment for my partner than for me… the apartments that come online are too expensive. I don’t wanna pay that rent in my hometown. I wanna have a cheap overnight stay apartment, 1 room only. But I don’t seem to get ’em. I did get one, I can still get that one. But I don’t think it’s worth paying 4500 sek per month for it. I want lower rent. Well. So I have to wait… I’m a student full-time at the university now and I should be in the priority line. I just haven’t had time to call them and ask about that. I have studies for a coming year there, so I don’t have to apply for spring, if I don’t want to. I am already in the classes I need for apartments and so. It’s just a matter of time. I would like a really cheap apartment in my hometown. I could buy one… but my partner doesn’t want me to the coming year. My partner wants me to go by train every morning. I don’t.

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