Today we have elections to Kyrkovalet in Sweden. 6 million belong to the state church and those over 18 can vote in the church elections. They get some percentage of the people’s income that belong to the state church. That is a lot of money. Churches help out with pre school, refugees, summer jobs, cafés, restaurants and other things, on top of it churches also arrange weddings, funerals, baptism, confirmation, camps and many other things. You can also get economic help, scholarships, talk to a diakon or priest and many other things too. So it’s important that those that can do vote. My partner is lazy and wanted to stay home, but most of all my partner wants to stay married, so it had to go and vote, even if it would choose to vote blank. If you don’t vote then you agree to that you could have dictatorship and not democracy anymore. Therefore it is important that my partner votes, otherwise we stand to apart and there wouldn’t be a point to continue this relationship. Of course I have communicated my opinion and yes, my partner did vote, even though it was reluctant. I accept no coach potatoes in my home. Just saying. The church has a lot of money. We need to care who spends it and on what. My opinion is that those that don’t go and vote accept dictatorship and don’t need democracy. Even a blank vote is more important than none, then you take a stand that you don’t find any party to your liking.

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