Stockholm weekends

So back in Stockholm I got stressed already when I reached Botkyrka. There the Stockholm stress started again. I feel stressed up here. I don’t feel stressed in my hometown the same way. I have stressed all week, but that is just lack of time. Here it is a stress that is negative. The traffic situation here is so bad sometimes. A trip that shouldn’t take 2 hours and 15 minutes annoys me. I don’t like being in a bad traffic jam. That is Stockholm. If I go by train, I have to leave my car unsupervised in another town. I also have to pull a lot of bags. It is not funny having a lot of luggage. Either way I get stressed. Stockholm life style stresses me. My kidneys start to hurt, not only my back. Well. I get stressed being here. I rather live in my hometown, even as unemployed, than being here. I tell this to my partner… but I don’t really know if it really understands…

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