Sexist stores in Stockholm area

A military employee, that works with gender equality, reacted about product placement in a store in Bromma. In this case the store had placed stockings by the cleaning products, driving on gender inequality and stereotype ideals. It is as if they think that only women buy detergent (Aftonbladet).

I happen to agree with their person in the Expressen article. We should use norm critic everytime we place products in a store. Driving gender stereotypes might even make men less reluctant to cleaning, because they might get ideas that cleaning is for women by having stockings product placement right next to the detergents. Gender stereotypes is also common in Hollywood movies and many problems with women doing more household work, but still working as much as men, are gender stereotypes. To get to more equality we need to fight gender stereotypes. So perhaps male socks should hang right next to the stockings? :O) It doesn’t have to be more difficult than that… just saying…

Somehow the Bromma stores gender inequality results in a debate about gender equality, which is a good thing. But somehow it also shows what I think about people in Stockholm. I really don’t like the majority of the way people act up here… to many times. In my hometown stores show something different… just read my other article today and you understand the difference in people’s mindset.


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