Difference in thinking

I have never seen a store in Sweden that doesn’t have candy on their way to the cashier. But in my hometown the store I use before driving off to my sibling doesn’t have the candy like chocolate bars and such by the cashier. Having the candy by the cashier makes you buy ’em even when you don’t plan. It drives addiction to sugar they say. So I guess they don’t want to drive the addiction and people shopping candy every day, when they really haven’t planned too. It seems like they still want to offer candy, but not at the cashier. I actually think it’s a good thing, not having candy by the cashier. We should prevent addictions. I have never seen a supermarket anywhere else, in Sweden, that doesn’t have the candy right by the cashier. I actually reacted on that, it was somehow so different. It was easier to not buy, when it didn’t flaunt itself. I also think that when you do buy anyway, you even might buy less candy… it seems like the driver of the store has a heart. It is very different, but in the end I think it benefits all customers of that store. What a nice thing to do. Other’s should follow. In many ways companies in my hometown are driving forces for different thinking. This is not the first time I see a difference in people’s behavior in my hometown.


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