Now I hade one of those noises again.

This happened at 1:30 am. It sounded like a clear noise from the left ear. That means west from me. And the sound was a eco sound from all sides. It was a one sound with a eco from all sides. It sounded like a drop into a eco sound. As a sound that comes from above. The eco only sounds for a short while, then silence. Stumt ljud in Swedish. Like a bomb 💣 dropped from above. Maybe between something. Intense eco then silence. In the west from Sweden. Clues : 1 can mean one, once, I, eye. 30 can mean thirty, thirsty, free owe, free zero, free hug, free camera, three circle etc. Anything that 1 3 0 can mean:

I, eye, one, once

3, free, fri, tre, e, electronics

0,o,owe, zero nothing

Silicon valley can be a meaning. It might be connected to electronics from the west. Even mobiles. And free or the number three. Something where air is important. Or above. Can mean high up, hierarchy. It does create leo.

Help me out if you want.

It is a light warning of something. It doesn’t have to be by man, but it can. It is always a warning when a sound wakes me up. Warning to those it concerns.



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