Autumn planning

So now I’ve made the plans for the juniors and those in between the seniors. Also changed the seniors plan a little bit, to get all the LGR11 criteria fullfilled during the autumn. Just so I know what their grades should be. Complete criteria. I sent them to my sibling for review. Afterall, it is almost an teacher too. It misses just 23 credits from graduation… and it works in a school as pedagogic assistant. So, I think it can give feedback. It is also the same major in one of the subjects at least. I think my plans are good. I can improve the langugage though. These are just first drafts.

I’m starting tomorrow. Nervous? No shit? Of course. I am so looking forward to my class room. I’ve seen pictures. I had a walk through of the materials in images. I feel prepared. I’ve made plans for the autumn. I hope the kids loves them. I hope the principal and the staff does too. I love them. I think I’ve made awesome plans… so next week comes reality! Oh yeah. Fly or fall? Hehe. I have no idea. I’ve never met the kids. It’s hard to know. I will evaluate after this week. I really hope I am a match… I really do…

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