I have just been watching others. Not done teaching myself now for three weeks. Imagine my surprise when they only had the teacher’s assistant the other day and they had decided to show a film with English lyrics. Both of us where really surprised about the film the faculty decided to show. Leaving that film unquestioned… well, not too good, if you ask me. I was totally left in the dark about what film it was and the purpose of it. It is a film about Nazi’s. I ain’t even supposed to teach. There was no “real teacher”. I had no authority. I wasn’t supposed to teach, they couldn’t count on me. I was only there to observe. I said, I have nothing to do with this film. But I felt I had to comment what we saw, I mean, showing kids concentration camps without talking about it? The teacher’s assistant also said that it didn’t choose the film. I said afterwards they need to discuss the film, my comments are not enough. The film cannot be left undiscussed. I said some kids might even be offended by the content. Yeah. I wouldn’t show such a film without talk, a history lesson and such. Maybe even preparation before watching such a film. Especially that age group. When I think about it, I would never show the film either. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good film. There are to many things that can hurt children in this film, both nazi’s grandkids and grandkids or grandkids kids, or even grandkids grandkids, those killed during the second world war. I just told the teacher’s assistant they need to discuss the film. The teacher’s assistant agreed and said it arranged so the teacher’s will talk about it next week, but I think it should be done afterwards, not left like this, over the weekend. Sometimes I wonder about how some decisions are made. I wasn’t there. I didn’t make any decision. I would have stopped the film every 20 minutes and discussed the values and how people reasoned. Sigh. Shit. Sometimes we are left in no good positions. Things out of our control.

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