Student apartments

Now the student apartments have opened up. Since I will attend classes in my hometown they prioritize the students that study there for the student apartments. But still, I haven’t stood in line more than today. But I hope I will get one apartment, that is really close to work. I can then use the parking space at work… haha. Don’t really need to drive a car from home to work if I get that apartment. It is a one room apartment with a little kitchen cabinette and own toilett. However the shower is shared with other similar apartments. I don’t mind. I shared my shower when I moved to Stockholm. You are alone there when you use it. But others can use it after or before. It’s okay. It’s also close to my old gym, if I would use that… I don’t know. It is right next doors to where I lived before, but another street. It is close to the city. Close to train too, when I wanna go home to Stockholm. Ideal apartment, now they just need to give me the contract, so it can be mine. It is unfurnished… So I need to take my chair… go to the studio and take the table… and the cabinettes.. I don’t want to bring this bed… I guess I’ll buy the cheapest one on IKEA… 299 SEK… and damn it’s ugly, but it will do. I might use some arts and crafts on that one… then I need a matrass. I have that, actually two. Well. Then one of my chairs. Perfect. All furnished. So now I just need a contract.

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