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Hehehe… my friends actually are moving into a apartment very much like this one they have for sale in Stockholm right now… however in my hometown it costs 14 000 sek per month and has no sea view. But it has 3,5m to the ceiling and all the added features. I had a similar apartment one point in life. Not so big though. My friends apartment is about 165square meters, if I remember it right. Most likely the rental will be made to condoe in the future and then they will buy the roof floor, most likely as big. Then it will be almost as big as the one for sale in Stockholm, for 71 million sek. So in my hometown… you get those apartments too, but much cheaper. You can afford it, if both have a good income. Just saying. Life quality for less. I can also rent studios for 1000 SEK per month, where only I have the key. I can also rent space in shared area, with access to sewing machines, 3D-printer and such for 500 SEK per month. There is no such thing for us oldies in Stockholm, that I know of… Life quality is higher for less money in my hometown. Just saying. If my family would go with me, I could rent a big Century apartment, 5 rooms and a kitchen. Nice. Or buy a big house.

The link below will not be available once its sold.


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Old Century building,

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