Ghetto apartment?

My partner’s reaction to me asking. What do you think, should I put in an interest on xxxx? -No, you are not. Absolutely not. Haha. It’s the ghetto in my hometown. I said the rent is low. But I don’t think my partner feels safe me living there. It’s the last resort really… my friends have lived there. But they also had people doing stuff to their cars and such. But it was a long time ago they lived there. My parents lived there once up on a time I think. I’m not certain, but we have had friends that lived there. One friend, his wife and two kids burned to death there. It was a strange thing, if you ask me… I had been to trial the week before with the ex about custody for the kid. That is the last time I saw that person that lived in the ghetto. The person didn’t want the ex moving abroad with the kid. The week after the person in the ghetto and that persons two kids and spouse died in a fire in that ghetto apartment. That was the weirdest ever.
My cousin and it’s siblings also used to live in the ghetto. Their apartment burned down, then one of my cousins older siblings had to live with me and my mum for half a year, the kids where spread out to family when they set up new living. In that ghetto my partner doesn’t want me. I think there are a lot of drug addicts there, but I really don’t know…

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