Big people

I am not the only fat person at my practise period. Certainly the faculty has my body shape in many cases. I feel my body is normal at my practise period. But, I am heavy and fat. I know that. This week many kids have photography at school, so I and the kid have been to the hair dressers to cut our hair, so we look good. I myself hope I just missed the photography at my school. I think I will vanish when I’m supposed to be photograhped…haha. I like being behind the camera, not in front of it. I am too fat to have any benefit from standing in front of a camera. You can as well photograph a big blob. No use in photographing this body I have a as a host. My personality cannot be seen, it can only be experienced by words, spoken or written, but my body? No, that should not be seen. I think Internet and by phone(with no image) is good. Then you don’t have to meet the people you associate with. Still I don’t like Facebook. I don’t use it, no matter how much people suggest it. I don’t like it. It’s not for me. I prefer the solitude of a blog. I also like Twitter. You read. If you wanna, you react. Otherwise you silently just read and keep it in your mind, or delete it. Whatever your reaction in your mind is, it’s your choise. You are entitled to your thoughts, no matter how stupid they are, then in reality you follow the law.

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