Worn out

Being a parent and hosting birthday parties… takes energy away. I planned a 2 hour birthday party. With schedule(no time stamps) and even rules for the party. I did it, as if it was a “party lesson”. I made some fun rules too, that everybody needed fun and if they didn’t like the music they could ask us to change. I did a poll after the last event at the party. Only one kid said it wasn’t happy. I then asked what it would have wanted more. It wanted it to have been its own party. Haha. So I think we, as parents, passed this test. I photographed and filmed some of the party. The kids got to play four games and in the end we had three winners with one point each. All kids got a “goodie”-bag with them home, with a gift and candy. It was a great party. I think it might have landed around 800 SEK. I think that is okay, that is less than 100SEK per kid. I said to my partner that next year it is a playland. No cleaning, not even having to host it. My partner said, what if all 28 come because of it? I said, we ain’t telling them where it’s hosted. We will write that place depends on number of kids and will be told after we know the number of kids coming. Haha. It costs 160SEk per kid at a party land. We had 11 kids. It was “lagom”, as we Swedes call it. Lagom cost, lagom enough kids to handle. Just perfectly lagom. Thank God, kids only celibrate once a year. Now I’m free from birthday parties for a year. Thanks for that.


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