Tired days and hoovering annoying helicopters

Preparation for a kids birthday celebration. I’ve been shopping sugar and salt. Tomorrow we have a birthday celebration for the class mates for your kid. It’s not the kids birthday, but the kid is born in the summer, so autumn it is. So I have decorated the house(the one we can rent free, since we own it together with our community of houses). So it is now a very colorful room in different colors, since both boys and girls will be there. All kids get a gift each, it contains their candy. They also will get a set of salty friends, chips and some kind of thing you get at the movies. Well, then it is traditional lemonades, cake and pastry. Planned activities. Basket(if no rain), throw rings, put a tail on the piggy, dance stop and so on. 2h of kids sugar high. Hehe. My partner is game leader. It is used to lead games, it usually plans the guys game plays, so the only difference now is age. Haha. I have no idea how my partner will manage that, but I think my partner will do just fine. It can handle teenagers and adults, it is also the oldest in a group of six kids, thinking it should be able to handle some kids. I guess I will step in, if it doesn’t work.

I have my last week of practice now. Then I start my new work place. I am nervous, I think… it goes as it goes. Meeting 450 new kids. Grading them. Waow. Talk about pressure. Not bad, just good. But nervous? Yeah. I am no longer on a practise period… now I have to do it myself. Shit.Am I crazy?

I have met the previous teacher now, the one between me and my old teacher at that school. It is a lovely person. I liked it very much. It had a unique life. Much harder life than many others, but had done just great in life. It is so talented. It has moved to Stockholm. It asked me if I wanted to join it to go out and paint during the weekends, when I am home. I said yes. The kid can tag along, if it wants to…

Well. I also gave tips on good educations, meeting places concerning art and how to meet peers, talented as this person was. It took notes. I hope it will go to those places and meet other peers. It is very much involved in the art world in my hometown and in its country of origin, where it got it’s really long art education. This person has worked two decades as a art teacher… and is a skilled artist itself. Oh my God. I haven’t even done any art in two decades before I started doing it again. I have much to catch up with, I had to take off where I ended it, at the age of 15. Started doing art in the university around 2006. I then rented my studio just a couple of years ago… you know. I haven’t had the same amount of time put on it. I wasted all my years on IT. But then again, the kids get a teacher that knows the media and IT. So with that said… I can inspire future entrepreneurs. I can make ’em explore the digital art world. That I have, so I am not totally useless, even if many kids can be better than me painting. I have seen what images they have produced. Oh mine… the seniors are really good. Imagine, they are gonna be my kids this year. Seeing all those talents. What a thrill. Enjoyment. Now they get a teacher more into the digital world.

We have a garden party today, but I was to tired to join earlier. I participated for about 1-1,5 hours. After one hour helicopters started circulating. Annoying as shit. Must have happened something in Rinkeby. Restlessness. And here I live? Amazing Sweden. Fucking politicians. There seems to have been a fire by the train tracks in Spånga this evening, perhaps that caused the two police helicopters?



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