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I changed my theme on my phone. It is psychedelic. Everything is heart shaped now. Haha. I haven’t installed these skins in years. I actually went to skins in a product in 2004, that was my suggestion when I worked there. That we should skin our product. Well, now a days skins are common. I like skins, getting your own design, that you like. Not that I need hearts in my phone. But I thought it looked cute. There is however a risk I change it, since the icons don’t really look the same anymore. Try to find anything in that heart shaped skin… well, maybe it turns on love around me? Who knows?

I have been to the movies with the kid. My partner is out somewhere in Stockholm, drinking with colleagues. After work they call it. My partners seems to be in its teens… I let it. I don’t go out. I hardly ever do. I cannot remember when I was out? Have I ever been out in Stockholm, with friends, since I moved to Stockholm? No, only colleagues, I think I was out once with friends in my hometown… how many years ago was that? Did I have a kid back then? I don’t remember. I have been to private parties, dinners, weddings and such… dinner with colleagues. When we completed the teacher’s education us class mates went out for dinner, but not in Stockholm, since this is not where I studied. But out just to be with friends out? Very long time ago. I have never been out that way with the friends that I have in Stockholm. Hmm… We always need a baby sitter. We really don’t have that for nights out. For the movies… well. We have two baby sitters in Stockholm. But I don’t use ’em that much. In my hometown I have many. Uncles, cousins, aunts, mothers, siblings, stepfathers and so on. There is a whole bank of baby sitters there. More freedom to be. I/we usually bring the kid with me/us. No harm in that, but cannot go out with a kid in the evening. It was a year ago we, as a couple went out and ate dinner out. Hmm… I haven’t really had time… I have been a student 200%. I really studied more, but I don’t count 25% because I didn’t do the exam. And the essay I put on hold. I really studied 275%, but I changed it. I did do the 25% class, but just not the exam. So perhaps I did study 225% after all, but didn’t take the exams.  So when would we had time to be a couple? No time at all. I have been out, but not with my partner alone. I’ve been out with class mates and with my family, but not as a couple. This year has been all about studying. Well. I guess this is what is the cost of studying more than 100%. The extra things don’t happen that much? So now my agenda for the fall is at least 75% studies and then, if I feel I can, a little bit more… then working 100%. Hmmm…. Will we be doing any partner dinners? I don’t think we will… if not at home… that we still do. My partners new job means it can work from home. It never has to take VAB if the kid would get sick, it can work from home. However the work also means it will travel. A higher salary, more freedom, more travelling.

I have lowered my salary, but increased it. I would had worked 80% in Stockholm, gotten 28 000 SEK. But now I work 100% and get 30 000 SEK. It is 5000 SEK lower than 100% would have been in Stockholm. But in Stockholm 35000SEK is not enough to buy a house for the bank. But 30 000SEK in my hometown is enough for them to grant me at least a loan on 1,8 million and buy a house on my own. That is possible in my hometown. But for that I hardly get a 1 room and a kitchen apartment in the suburbs in Stockholm.. haha. Do you understand the difference?

Our salaries might sound low, but really they are not. We pay taxes on these salaries. The taxes finance free university, schools and such. Free health care and dental care for kids up to 21 years old. Kids get free lunch, books and material in school. It also makes doctors fees low. A lot is included in the taxes in Sweden. We have pension, health care, church and many posts that can be financed by taxes and social fees. The employer pays social fees above the salaries. You cannot compare Swedish salaries to countries that don’t. Don’t even compare to the US, they don’t have our good system in place. Not even close. We have a lot of things included in our systems. I pay 31% in taxes in Stockholm, I get work reduction also at around 1000SEK per month. I get around 23 000 SEK after taxes. In Stockholm the apartments are expensive and a good salary is not enough. When I have experience as a teacher I would get 39 000 SEK per month once I graduate, but with that kind of money in Stockholm I still cannot buy a house. I would be able to lend 2,34 million alone. U can lend your income times five. For that I get 1 room and a kitchen in Stockholm. We would be able to lend 3,68 million to a house, if I had the Stockholm job that I had. That is not enough to buy a house in Stockholm. I do have 1,8 million to put in cash if I would get the estimated price on the current building. We could buy a house for 5,48 million. But we won’t get a good house in a good neighbourhood for that money in Stockholm. What can that money even get in Stockholm? I don’t know… live even further away from the city? But for that money… I get a  really big house in my hometown. With a lake or ocean view. Even a new build. That my friend is quality of life.

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