We all need space to live. Some live outdoors, others indoors. I prefer indoors. Health prefers indoors. Health prefers a real bed. Well, anyway. I checked the new house loan rules. It says you need to pay mortgage down to 50% of the house cost. The old rules are 70%. I only have 32000SEK left to pay, then we are down at 50% house loans, compared to what the attached house is worth. Still our house is undervalued 3 million. That is what the same houses cost on the other side of the motor way. So I expect that these property prices will go up, there is 3 million to change. These houses are undervalued so bad. People might think they are “to close” to Rinkeby and Tensta. But the houses in the area cost 6-11 million, so really. There is something wrong with the price. A house, that even isn’t it’s own property in Botkyrka costs more than ours. The prices are really weird. People only look at the map, they don’t see that this area is not attached to Rinkeby or Tensta, it is totally separated neighborhoods. Therefor there is a benefit to keep this property. It will go up in price range a lot within 3 years is my belief. I want this property to pay all other properties I want to have. This is my lottery ticket, this building. It is my way to get my dream house without any loans in my hometown. I might still buy a house in my hometown, owning this one. There is no risk. I can rent out this house. Renovate it afterwards and then sell it later on. It’s possible when you are down at 50%. The bank might likely agree. But I need to save money to a down payment on any other property before I can even think of buying. Right now there is no such money.

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