Deck of Cards

So what deck of cards have you been given in your life today?

I had a great day, even though I woke up this morning being crippled as I so often am. Needing that shower real bad, just to start my body movement. My body is not the best, but I am glad I have it anyway. I have had a foot pain all morning and partly of the afternoon today. This time my other foot. I don’t know why it gets like this. Had it in the other foot for months for a while. Now the pain is gone. I am also mobile now. I am not that mobile in the morning. But when I get to be awake the body starts to comply to movement. I am stiff. I never investigated this issue, I’m pretty sure there ain’t anything they can do. My back most likely needs a operation and I don’t like those. The other option is perhaps physio therapy, but I am not planning that. Maybe in my hometown. I wonder if my old physio therapist still works? Perhaps I will go to him. He has his own gym, at least he had. I start with living at my sibling. They already set up the room. Bed and desk. I bring my own computer.

Well. I will have a meeting with the teacher they had before. It worked in between the old(my teacher) and me(that will start soon). It’s working in our neighbourhood now. It moved to Stockholm, because of it’s partner… hmmm… but is said it cried having to part from that school and the colleagues. It knows my old teacher and it’s partner. I told it I had the person as my teacher. It asked me if any of the old teacher’s still work, I said no, they are retired, I am to old. It said it loved it’s new school. I have never worked there, so I cannot tell. I have no opinion.

I got my deck of cards now. They are funny to use. I asked something and got a good answer. Interesting. My friend got more cryptic answers. I also bought a book.

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