Salary was correct

Damn, that summer job was well paid… the salary was correct. I didn’t understand the planned overtime and weekends paid that much more… I may spend it. Haha. Awesome. At least I can do it with a clear conscience.

My partner wondered how it was even possible to get that much money for 1,5 month’s. I don’t either, but if they say it’s correct… well, then it is… so now that money goes to my partner’s credit… I sincerely said, if all my money goes to your credit you ain’t using that credit card anymore. Cut it in pieces I said. My partner has promised to not use it. I hate credit. I always have. I puts you in a hamster wheel, you have no money if you use credit. Better you save your own money instead. I hate credit, but you know I sometimes cannot control my partner. I wish I could. I am not like my partner. I hate credit. I know what it does to the economy. When you get salary, the salary goes to pay the credit, then you have no money left and must use it all over again… every month the same. Stupid, don’t use credit, even if it one month free. It is a trap, nothing more than a trap to use credit. I would have a lot of money this month, if my partner wasn’t an idiot using a credit. Now I have only money to food.

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