Recycle pencils?

Black ink pens no longer seem to be recyclable. Very frustrating. Bought a six pack of black gel pens. Annoying that I couldn’t find recyclable, like in the old days. I wanted the narrow kind today. Well. I also found some new bright neon colors, bought some of that too. I ended up with six pencils. These are cheaper than the ones I usually buy, don’t know if they will work good or not. I will try ’em out. They seem okay. In total I bough 12 pencils for around 200 SEK. It’s a rather good price. I also bought some cloth today. I still have some things that need to be bought, i. e. petfood and pet toy. But not today. I have no more lust to be in a store.
My back is in shitty condition today. I have days like these. It’s a day when I am in more pain. Today is a painful back day. I have worn “nice” shoes. It might be because of that. Wanting to look better than usual… but I really odd to wear my Ecco shoes. The comfy kind instead. But I wore my “nice” Ecco, they are also comfy, but have more higher sole and are not dampend like the walking shoes. The comfy are better. My back doesn’t like me wearing other than comfy shoes really.

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