I sure waste a lot of pencils when I am in the mood of being creative. Hmm…. I odd not to use so many pencils, but ink usually ends up being waste after one week. Perhaps I need start thinking about reusable ink pens. They are usually acrylic pencils. I have never used them. I’ve seen them at work places, other art teachers use them. I haven’t “seen” my class room yet (not totally true, I have been using it three years once upon a time). I have no idea of what equipment there is. Has the other teacher ordered any? sigh How long is the ordering time, if I need to order stuff? I need an inventory, but I really don’t have time to go there during the coming two weeks. I’m totally thinking about it though. Is this what’s it like to be a teacher? Thinking about the project for the classes? And thinking about all the stuff we need? Perhaps this is what it means to be a teacher. 45h weeks per automatic. Then free all school holidays. Always. Imagine having real vacation, I haven’t really had that… more than a couple of times in my life.

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