First time in a long time

I went there, to the exhibit, I haven’t been there since that year… a long time ago. I meet people I met before. Spoke to them. Glad more and more have ecological stuff now, but there are still dealers that don’t know what it means. Non toxic end products doesn’t mean all was right on the way there. Some don’t know. But I encourage them to find out and track their products. I haven’t been there talking with them for a long time. But I have this week. I am glad to see the growth of eco-friendly companies that really want to care for the environment. I had some talks along the way. Many buisness men and women are smart. They think further. Everything is complicated and there are solutions, we find them when we interact with each other. I enlight and I share my knowledge. They share theirs.

Some trends don’t have eco-friendly options and I should encourage more people to make manufacturers understand their impact on our planet. There is much more to do. I believe in legislation. It will make ’em comply. One dealer said big chains demanded certificates. That made that person aware of all the happenings in the product chain. I think big companies have enormous power in this department. People, that is you and me, need to demand safe products, safe for the staff, for our animals, our nature and us. Safe for Mother Earth and all generations to come. That means getting involvd. Speaking, researching. Actually a smart person, that has worked for Tetra Pak before, had many bright suggestions. I think the state should research more and help companies even more. I think all countries should help each other. Not sticking their heads in the ground, pretending our environment isn’t suffering from our waste. Learn from the Indians in America. One dead bird resulted in no waste really. All was recycled and used. We need to think that way today too.

I think we need easy products that give minimal waste and are recyclable 100%.

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